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As a person who grew up in South East Asia, I still remember........ when I was kid my parents always told me to drink Curcuma (Curcuma xanthorhizza) or Turmeric (Curcuma longa) juice. They told me these bitter-taste juices would make good-health for me. That's all they said.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Piper retrofractum Vahl

Piper retrofractum Vahl:

    * Family: Piperaceae
    * Genus: Paperomia
    * Species: P. retrofractum
    * Local Name: Cabe Jawa, Cabe panjang, Cabe jamu

Piper retrofractum Vahl is Piperaceae family member.  This herb known as one of Herbal Medicine powerful ingredient, it may be found in Java and Sumatra. Many Indonesia's Jamu formulas consist of this Retropiper. It has strong spicy-tasted, therefore, if you consume it directly, your tears should appear immediately and makes your eyes open widely.

Medicinal Properties:

* anti-spasmodic
* anti-diarrhea
* analgesic
* aphrodisiac
* tonic